Thursday, 20 December 2012

Sheet Music - Colorblind by Counting Crows

Although it would appear that my covers project is stalling, I have in fact been busy learning the piano with a view to playing some of the MIDI parts live as opposed to step sequencing them in the QY70. One such song I have been working on is Colorblind by the Counting Crows.

I scoured the internet for the sheet music and after finding that there were no official music books I stumbled upon a few online versions, none of which sounded that great. I then turned to YouTube and found a few good tutorials but one in particular was succinct, but more importantly accurate:

Having learnt the part and recording it into the QY70, and always keen to take on a new project, I decided to see if I could generate the sheet music for this one myself. I have Logic Pro on my laptop which has score editing facilities so having imported the quantised MIDI part onto my computer I started to draft a score for this great song.

The first obstacle I came to is the fact that the score editor in Logic Pro is actually pretty basic, so pretty soon I abandoned that for MuseScore, an open source score editor for Mac, PC and Linux users. After inputting the MIDI it was not long before I had completed the sheet music (complete with lyrics and melody), and I am making this available on here for anyone who is interested:

Colorblind Sheet Music.pdf

Note that dynamics and tempo variations are not included on this version of my sheet music. I may add this at some stage in the future once I get more proficient with the software!

Finally, just a small note on copyright:

All music is owned by the respective owners. These sheets are merely a product of my own interpretation of the song. In downloading the sheet music you are agreeing that they will be used only for personal, educational, and NON-commercial purposes.

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