Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Covers Project - "3" - Introduction

I have made several aborted attempts in the past of producing a covers collection, usually as a means to kick start my creativity in some way. I have decided to have another stab at this project using predominantly my QY70 overdubbing vocals on my Roland BR600 digital 8 track. I have laid down some self imposed rules which I will no doubt break at some stage over the next few weeks for the project, codenamed "3" (don't ask!):

  1. Instrumentation to be sequenced on the QY70 before adding vocals.
  2. Sounds to come from the QY70 or microKORG sequenced by the QY70
  3. Automation on levels and effects on vocals can be achieved using the BR600 but for instrumentation this has to be achieved using MIDI on the QY70 .
  4. 12 cover songs to be completed by Christmas 2012.
  5. Each artist to be represented only once.
  6. Faithful or more original cover versions both acceptable but I think I will concentrate more on the former.

I will be posting the first track over the next day or so, a relatively faithful cover of the beautiful closing track on the marvellous Diamond Mine album by King Creosote & Jon Hopkins - Your Young Voice.

I hope many of you will follow my progress and perhaps some of you can even share your own cover versions created on the QY70.

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